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Business Consultant – KK Forges

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A few years ago, KK Forges began to experience rapid growth, which overwhelmed its logistics and accounting systems. The influx of new orders caused miscounts and theft in warehouses, and KK began to run out of stock in stores. To solve these problems, KK’s CEO hired Carol Raydar as a business consultant to improve the company’s supply chain.

Raydar suggested implementing RFID tags on all shipments to store distribution centers and on merchandise as it moved through the warehouses and into stores. This technology would enable KK to track inventory more precisely, cut shrinkage by improving accuracy, and prevent stock-outs by giving the company a better view of demand.

Unlocking Success: How KK Forges Business Consultants Elevate Companies

Dante’s job is to show KK the benefits of this technology and convince the company’s management to move forward. To do that, he must understand how much these technologies will cost and what effect they might have on consumer privacy.

He might recommend educational outreach to parents and children, who will be most likely to see KK’s ads, to ensure that those groups are aware of the tagged goods’ implications. He might also urge KK to disclose the information it gathers so that consumers can make informed decisions about whether to use these tagged products or not.

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