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Licensed Electricians in Mildura

If you need electrical work done at your home or business, it’s important to hire licensed electricians. JAAZ Electrical is a local, family owned and operated business that provides domestic, commercial, industrial and rural electrical services. Their team of A-Grade electricians have the knowledge and experience to handle any electrical task.

How do I become an a grade electrician in Australia?

An electrician mildura is a highly skilled tradesperson who can install, troubleshoot and repair electrical systems. They must complete formal education and on the job training to become licensed. Some electricians specialise in specific areas of electrical work. For example, some electricians focus on residential or commercial work while others may specialize in solar power or back up generators.

New homes: When building a new home an electrician will be one of the first tradespeople you’ll need to hire. They’ll rough in the wiring after plumbing and then connect everything up – including lights, powerpoints and switches. They’ll also be able to install security lighting and sensors.

Home renovations: If you’re doing a kitchen or bathroom renovation then an electrician will be needed to install new powerpoints, lighting and switches. They can also help with other jobs like installing a hot water system or ceiling fans.

Switchboards and fuses: Your switchboard is the hub that routes electricity around your house. It’s designed to protect you from electric shock by cutting off the flow of current if there’s a fault. The fuses or circuit breakers in your switchboard also help reduce the risk of fires by preventing overheating from appliances that are plugged into power points.

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